Keywords Tools


Keyword tools are critical to your success in Internet marketing. Keywords are what you build your blogs, websites and advertising throughout. They are used to identify what words people are using when looking for something on the Internet. There are free keyword tools available. Yahoo and Google, both have keyword tools that are free and are probably the most popular. Other search engines have some form of free keyword tools. These keyword tools allow you to obtain general information on keywords. Free keyword tools are also limited in the scope of their responses, on what types of research and reports you can generate.

Why You Need Keyword Tools

Here is a general example of how keyword tools are used to your advantage. Pretend to have a bass fishing directory service. You could build your site around the term – fishing guide and compete with 1400 other responses. Using keyword tools you can find that people are searching for bass fishing directory and have to compete with 1,390 other responses. Using keyword tools to identify other specific relevant keyword searches allows you to optimize your website around relevant specific terms and have less competition.

Keywords tools allow you to build websites right at first time. It saves your money and time.

When individuals are set to purchase online, they normally search with specific terms. This is where keyword tools also benefit. It can help you to identify and aim these keyword search phrases and use your money where you have a greater possibility of making a sale.

Paid Keyword Tools and Free Keyword Tools

As mentioned earlier free keywordfinder are essential keyword tools but are limited in their abilities. These free keyword tools are modeled to be used by many people so by necessity they cannot provide a lot in detail reports. Paid keyword tools can provide more detailed searches, reports and in depth research. One of the most popular keyword tools that is not part of a search engine is Word Tracker. This has a free and paid version.

Keyword Tools and SEO

When optimizing web pages and websites you use keyword tools to help you identify the top two or three keywords related to your site or page. You then use what you get from the keyword tools to get keyword density in your content and add meta tags. Without using keyword tools all your efforts to achieve high rankings will probably be in futile.

Recommended Keyword Tools

There are a number of keyword tools available. After reviewing keyword tools that are available there are two which are recommended: Keyword Elite and Word Tracker.