Frankfurt culture


The business center of Germany is the city of Frankfurt. It is located on the river Main. Frankfurt is not important to Germany only. It is also the financial center for entire Continental Europe. As for Germany, Frankfurt serves as the transportation center too, with the busiest German airport in the country. German Stock Exchange as well as the European Central Bank are located in Frankfurt. To increase the importance of the city even more, most major events take place here, for example the Frankfurt Auto Show and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Since it is the center of the country as well as for the Continent, you can find a lot of cultural diversity. It is usually called the city of contrasts. If you happen to find a booking in a hotel in Frankfurt, our guide here will definitely help make your stay fun as well as informative.

Theatre and Music

Your hotel in Frankfurt is very likely to be near a theatre due to the large amount of theatres present in Frankfurt. What better way to discover the culture of city than attending a theatre show?

Since English is not the main language spoken in the country, not every theatre will be performing in English. However, you still have a lot of options if you’re an English speaker.

  1. The English Theatre

This theatre is located in the city center. It is one of the largest English speaking theaters on the Continent. Renowned actors from various countries perform at this theatre. You can experience plays, dramas or musicals from performers of London, Broadway and even from other Anglophile countries. The place was first established in 1979. It offers up to 300 seats. You can find all sorts of performances in the English theatre, ranging from comedy to thrillers and what not.

  1. Old Opera House

The Opera House has been established over ruins from bombings during the Wilhelminian era. It was said to be Germany’s most beautiful ruin. After civil protests, the ruin was reconstructed to a beautiful Opera house. Since its inauguration in 1981, there have been over 300 concerts per year in the place. It also serves as a Congress house for various events like Balls, gala evenings, company anniversaries, etc. As for musical performances, you can pretty much find one each day. From family concerts to jazz, rock to pop, you’ll definitely find something of your style. Multiple halls of the Opera house cater to hundreds of people. The Great Hall offers 2450 seats, but don’t be fooled. It is a pretty popular place so book your tickets as soon as you can.

  1. Opera Frankfurt

With 70 events and 200 performances each year, this place is a must visit for any Opera enthusiast. It has earned titles like ‘Opera House of the Year’ to prove the level of performances that are presented every now and then. Mozart, Strauss, Verdi and other classics are usually part of the programs held here. Artists also conduct discussions as well as seminars for true Opera lovers.

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